MS Oceana


Released: February 24th 2012

The MS Oceana, Fully designed by RVR. Created for the PC game “Ship Simulator Extremes”
This ocean liner is a huge yet still elegant vessel with all luxury you can imagine. With it’s overall length of 397.8 Meters and a width of 50 meters it would still be the largest vessel afloat if it would be built in reality.
Oceana’s colour scheme is kept to the traditional ocean liners with it’s black hull with dark red anti fouling, and it’s white superstructure separated by an orange line.


Even though it’s design wasn’t completed yet, Robin entered the Ship Simulator Content Creation Contest with it.
The 3D model features a high amount of details from deckchairs, to smoke detectors to even the Plimsoll mark on the hull. Detail like this wasn’t done before in SS, and it did take a lot of effort to optimize it all.

To make sure the model was as smooth as possible, great help from Dominique Vaccaro as a beta tester made me notice the most tiny mistakes and errors which I had to correct. Oceana ended on 1st place in the CCC:

As quoted from the creators of the game: “An impressive work of art, with a lot of eye for detail and realism. We were very impressed by the skill at show here. A deserved winner of the Content Creation Contest.

Oceana has been released and can be purchased at

Website Dominique Vaccaro: