FAQ – Titanic Mod

Q?What is the release date / When will the mod be done?

This may be a dissapointing answer to some: It will be done when it’s done.
There were several release dates set in the past, and even a percentage bar was used. However, due to either improvements being constantly made or simply a lack of time because of college, these deadlines were never reached.
I cannot set a release date at this point simply because it’s hard to determine. It would do more harm than glory to announce a release date and not reaching the deadline. Therefore I will not do that.
The Titanic Mod is mostly being developed by students. Since school always gets a #1 priority, it often happens that one of the teammembers cannot work on the mod for a certain period of time. Let it be due to exams, projects or anything else.
Please respect this. We are not a paid AAA company, and the Titanic Mod will be a 100% free product once released.

Q?How much percent is done? You used to have a progress bar showing something like 90% completed.

As explained in the answer above, due to improvements being made this bar became inaccurate.
The ship’s hull for example, has been modeled quite a few times. The first finished hull raised the percent bar quite a lot, but all later hulls could never raise the percentage even more since that work was initially done.
There are no plans of implementing another percentage bar in the future. This will only cause much confusion.

Q?Where can I download the mod?

You can’t. The mod is not finished yet. Once it’s released it will become available on ModDB and MafiaScene.

Q?How much will the mod cost?

The Titanic Mod will be guaranteed 100% free of charge. There will be no special, gold, silver, member, donator, premium or any other edition. Simply the mod itself with all features included.

Q?How much interior will be made?

All 1st, 2nd & 3rd class public areas, all crew area’s, many 1st class Cabins,
plenty of 2nd & 3rd class cabins, boiler rooms, cargo holds and the engine room. So almost everything will be made.

Q?Does it sink according to Cameron’s new theory?

No. This is because Mafia’s engine collision detection (Making objects hardened so you won’t fall through them)
Ain’t very advanced, which means if I add sidelists and other tricky stuff, the player is likely to glitch between walls and such.
The sinking will be based on Cameron’s 1997 version.

Q?Will the water be dynamic?

Sorry to disappoint again, but no. But this ain’t Mafia’s decade old engine’s fault. Because in fact, This technique
has never been applied to any game before simply due to the incredible amount of CPU power required to run this.
And modern day computers, even the best, are not capable of doing this real-time. Some people might confuse with the Realflow video’s found on Youtube. This is all pre-rendered inside a modelling tool, meaning that the computer had probably spent a few hours to render a short animation of 1 minute. And other real-time simulations often use about six graphics cards which cost about €2000,- each.

Q?What is possible to do and what not?

The Titanic Mod features some roleplay functions like going to the bathroom, sitting, drinking at the bar etc. But the ship is also interactive. You will be assigned to your own cabin, you can use elevators and make use of the public facilities.

Q?Why does progress take so damn long?

Creating a full replica to detail of a large passenger liner is not a one week job. It takes many intensive hours of work for me and my team to create all of these areas and items. Some fellow teammates have busy lifes as well, people who do voice acting, a soundtrack composer and what not else. It’s an intensive and large scale project to work on. And I kindly ask to respect this and await the mod’s development patiently. Even if you want to play it so badly.
When I started this project back in September 2006, I was a one man team with 0% experience in modding or modelling. Among the years I have improved myself on many subjects, but also managed to assemble a team to work with. Only since 2010, definite progress has began.
Before anyone writes me an email or comment and insults me and my team in any creative matter or whatsoever, take this information in account first. Thank you. Remember, this is a free project. We don’t need to do this and people that cannot wait don’t need to follow this.

Q?Are you going to port this mod to CryEngine / Unreal Engine?

There are currently no plans on porting the mod to Cry Engine 3 or Unreal Engine 4 due to the completely different workflow that would otherwise demand a lot of time from me.
After MTM’s release I do plan to port this mod to Amnesia – The Dark Descent. Also after the release, with permission, the mod will be open for other people to port to any game they like.

Q?Will you be able to sail the ship or will you create it for Virtual Sailor?

Unfortunately no. The whole ship together features too many polygons to be able to make it sailable or working within VS7.

Q?Can you explain to me how to create a Titanic model?

Can you explain to me how to become a pilot? No. Explaining how to create a full 3D model of the Titanic would probably feature an 8000 page thick book with in-depth footage and instructions. One does not simply create a Titanic. You need to have a plan, modelling experience with one of the many different 3D tools around there. A good set of knowledge and reference plans and pictures to work from. And time… Lot’s and lot’s of time.

Q?Can I use some of your textures/models in my project?

No. Not while the project is still in development. However, if you are working on a commercial title, a license fee is possible. This involves signing a contract and NDA. Payment must be made in advance. When the payment has been received the files stated in the contract will be transferred. No refunds.
Note: you will need to be at least 18 years old to obtain a license.