• PC game mods

    the titanic mod for mafia: City of lost heaven

  • Modelling Accuracy

    Well researched and accurate assets

  • interior scenes

    complex areas| well optimized assets| realisticly modeled | eye for detail

  • Exterior scenes

    architecture | environments | low/mid/high poly

  • cinema 4d

    Indepth Experience in Modelling, Texturing, Animation

  • rhinoceros

    extensive nurbs modelling knowledge and experience

  • weapons modelling

    low/mid/high poly | game ready | clean meshes

  • LevelDesign

    Unreal Engine 4 | Asset creation | Blueprint scripting | Design from scratch


    contest winner and featured in Ship Simulator extremes

  • vray rendering

    high quality, realistic looking images

3D: the closest to reality.

Welcome to Robville Virtual Realisations, home of the Mafia Titanic Mod, Ship Simulator Oceana and various other projects.

RVR is a 3D artwork company by Robin Bongaarts (Alias Mr Robville) and focuses on creating high quality 3D models for the gaming industry or visualisation projects.

The first and still ongoing project- the Mafia Titanic Mod- once started as a small modification for the PC game “Mafia – City of Lost Heaven“. Along the years this project has grown from a one man hobby to a large scale project with a whole team behind it. This set the tone for Robin’s future ambitions: developing games and one day running his own independent studio.

Feel free to take a look around. Here you will find information about the projects I have been or am still working on and the features I specialize in.

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