• PC game mods

    the titanic mod for mafia: City of lost heaven

  • Modelling Accuracy

    Well researched and accurate assets

  • interior scenes

    complex areas| well optimized assets| realisticly modeled | eye for detail

  • Exterior scenes

    architecture | environments | low/mid/high poly

  • cinema 4d

    Indepth Experience in Modelling, Texturing, Animation

  • rhinoceros

    extensive nurbs modelling knowledge and experience

  • weapons modelling

    low/mid/high poly | game ready | clean meshes

  • LevelDesign

    Unreal Engine 4 | Asset creation | Blueprint scripting | Design from scratch


    contest winner and featured in Ship Simulator extremes

  • vray rendering

    high quality, realistic looking images


From idea to reality... Or close to it. Passion is probably the biggest drive core in doing something, and having a passion in making things come to life is ideal for a virtual environment. You can give your entire imagination a go and create whole new world for people they couldn't imagine themselves.


Separating outer from inner beauty. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" - a common rule worldwide. Same goes for 3D. Behind a beautiful render may lie a nightmare of modelling mistakes. Optimization is a key aspect so often ignored yet so important. RVR pays just as much attention to hidden as well as visible parts of models.


The Devil is in the details. To immerse yourself into a virtual representation of something, it needs to feel realistic and atmospheric. This often comes down to the tiniest details most people would overlook. RVR is more than happy to spend hours researching and modelling scenes.

3D: the closest to reality.

Welcome to Robville Virtual Realisations, home of the Mafia Titanic Mod, Ship Simulator Oceana and various other projects.

RVR is a 3D artwork company by Robin Bongaarts (Alias Mr Robville) and focuses on creating high quality 3D models for the gaming industry or visualisation projects.

The first and still ongoing project- the Mafia Titanic Mod- once started as a small modification for the PC game “Mafia – City of Lost Heaven“. Along the years this project has grown from a one man hobby to a large scale project with a whole team behind it. This set the tone for Robin’s future ambitions: developing games and one day running his own independent studio.

Feel free to take a look around. Here you will find information about the projects I have been or am still working on and the features I specialize in.

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